Oliver Brenneisen

Your award-winning photographer for CEO portraits and corporate photography. With over 25 years of international experience in the market.

"Portrait photography is the top highest form of image making," says the professional photographer. For him, a portrait is successful when it makes character traits visible and tells a story.

He prefers natural light for photography, his photo productions include still images as well as moving images. His greatest strength? Capturing the atmosphere visually and documenting processes vividly - for charismatic, expressive shots.

His work is distributed worldwide by photo agencies, published in magazines and books and used in corporate communications.


Oliver sees the you in you - he won't capture of you that you are not.  So, if you are ready for the real picture, let him do his job." 
Dr. Anne-Gret Iturriaga-Abarzua, Head of Communications, INEOS Köln

Oliver Brenneisen sees things that remain hidden from others. He places people at the centre of his work and yet lets the background shine. His portraits depict the range of human feelings and human beauty, they can be cheeky, wild and dazzling, but also quiet, delicate, almost transparent. I regard him as a natural talent who has trained and perfected his special view of the world, of situations, of people and their environment in years of professional work. Letting yourself be portrayed by him can be associated with surprises. He makes character traits visible, interprets the professional context of his clients in an original way, conveys messages gently and at the same time in a focused way and always does all this with the same high artistic standard. When you go into his studio, he already has a vision of how he wants to portray you. Oliver never runs out of ideas, he draws on a reservoir of imagination and arrangements that always amaze me. Beauty, elegance, composition, colours and light, the feeling for the right, unique moment - this is the quintessence of his sensitive and individual portraits, which are unique worldwide.."
Dr. Valerie Popp, Sciene Management, Berlin

“Das hat richtig Spaß gemacht und die Ergebnisse sind ganz hervorragend geworden. Wir hatten Herrn Brenneisen und sein Team auf unserere Jahres-Vertriebstagung eingeladen. So konnten wir an einem Vormittag alle unsere Mitarbeiter neu fotografieren lassen. Wir können den Service von CEO Portraits absolut empfehlen.”
R. Bensheimer, Unternehmer

Si tu necesitas transmitir en que consiste tu trabajo, cuales son tus valores y como puedes servir con ellos a la sociedad. Tienes que hablar con Oliver, el conseguirá con una imagen expresar todo lo que tu eres. Nadie lo hará mejor que el. La experiencia que vivirás en su estudio impactante y viéndole trabajar en una atmósfera especial, será algo de lo que te recordarás siempre. La forma como el representara tu realidad te asombrara. En su taller creativo vas a respirar serenidad y mucha paz. Se lo que digo, desde hace 10 ańos Oliver viene transmitiendo mi trabajo con el brillo de la luz, la belleza y la armonía propia de un gran artista." Dr Miguel Sanchez  Romera, Neuroartist, New York / Shanghai

Si has acertat, aquesta és la web i la persona, que agafarà la teva essència, frescura, alegria, el moment perfecte teu, el gest ideal i chassss FOTO. Molt contenta amb els meus resultats!!! Una foto exquisite. Oliver capta la millor essència i moment de la persona. Gran professional. Gràcies. Cercau un fotógraf professional i que agafi al milímetre el que voleu." 
Juana Maria Verger, CEO, Palma

Einfach und genial... zwei Komponenten die man suchen bzw. finden muss. Wenn auch Sie einen Fotografen suchen, hohe Ansprüche an Qualität und individueller Beratung haben, konkrete Vostellungen von "meinen Portrait -Fotos" für ein berufliches oder privates Thema: Bei Oliver Brenneisen habe ich genau das gefunden... mit der Kamera einen Menschen in seiner individuellen Art zu erfassen, das schafft er locker."
Ingrid Flohr, arte y cultura de Mallorca




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